by DengZhiwei on September 23, 2020

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a kind of depression that gets triggered by seasons and seasonal change. SAD patients experience their depression at the same season every year. Most people suffering from SAD start getting symptoms in the fall and sometimes into the winter months. SAD like other forms of depression saps the individual’s energy and makes them feel very moody.

There are various ways to treat SAD, some of which are medications and therapy, but the most trusted and effective method is Phototherapy which is also known as light therapy. Phototherapy is a form of therapy that involves exposing the patient to a form of light, most especially, fluorescent lights and bulbs, although some other forms of light therapy like sunlight and even halogens tend to treat some medical conditions. There are two types of phototherapy light devices. The conventional light and the fiberoptic light.

SAD Lamp is a form of phototherapy used to treat seasonal affective disorder. The SAD Lamp produces light that serves as a stimulant or substitute to the sunlight that the body of a patient is missing during the fall or winter when most seasonal affective disorder occurs. To fully understand the SAD Lamp and why it is the best solution for SAD, we will need to understand how it works.


Light therapy (Phototherapy) is the best way to treat SAD but its abilities are not limited to the treatment of SAD alone. SAD lamps treat other disorders and medical conditions like jaundice and rashes. Light therapy is a single “individual to machine system”, it is carried out by the patient who sits beside a light therapy box/lamp that gives a bright light similar to the outdoor natural light. Light boxes come in different sizes and designs, some come in the shape and design of table lamps or reading lamps and some come in wall-mounted fixtures. 

The intensity of the light’s brightness is measured in lux – A high lux means a very bright light and the standard of light box’ intensity is 2500 and 10,000 lux if reversal of severe affective disorder is the mission.

The lamp’s light rays produces chemicals that induces the brain to slow down the production melatonin – the hormone that makes humans sleepy and increases the production of serotonin – the hormone in charge of mood. In phototherapy, the light used must produce radiation and it is the ultraviolet part of the radiation that is used in phototherapy, most especially the Ultraviolet-A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) range of wavelengths.

There are various types of phototherapy treatments and every treatment is peculiar to the skin type and the health condition of the patient. Furthermore, the type of phototherapy a patient engages in should in most cases be chosen by a dermatologist.

Light therapy should be a patient’s number one method for treating severe affective disorder (SAD) as it is tested and proven to do wonders on seasonal depression matters. It also transmits rays that are healthy and can help cure some diseases.



The sad lamp has many benefits to individuals. Asides from serving depression patients, the lamp gives a large spectrum of phototherapy, which then goes on to stimulate the photoreceptors (cones rods and melanopsin) of the eye. The lamp’s operation is carried out with photopic light which is a primary stimulator of the eye as well as scotopic light, this in turn carries out the stimulation of the rods.

The SAD Lamp relaxes the eye muscles by reducing the size of the pupil thus providing a sensation of rest for the individual. The melanopsin that is triggered by the broad spectrum helps set the body’s daily cycles and restore them to the natural order.


The sad light lamp has its features that makes it different from other phototherapy devices and enables it function well as an anti-depressant.

  • It delivers natural light that mimics the sun to your environment.
  • It delivers up to 10,000 lux bright full spectrum
  • It purifies the enhancers in the body and makes the individual alert and productive.
  • The SAD light lamp is designed with a shape compact enough to make it easy to hang or place on the wall with it’s almost invincible but effective.
  • The SAD lamp allows for a customized session, with stepless light settings, stepless or 3 level color temperature starting from 300k to 6500k, and four-time settings.


After going through this bulk of information, the next concern growing in your mind should be the fact that that there have been no discussions about the reliability of this particular product. It is okay to have doubts, every new technology that comes into being is always met with skepticism by humans, so we are dedicating this section to clearing your doubts and confounding your fears.

The SAD lamp like was mentioned early on is a form of phototherapy for seasonal affective disorder, and it does this replicating the job done by natural sunlight in the human body. There has to be a sense of doubt as to how ‘mere’ bulbs can cure mental depression. Well it is simple; the lamp creates the same sensation patients would have felt if they were in the weather their bodies desired.

The idea of phototherapy is not new to man, as the idea is as old as time itself. It is widely believed that the sun was the primary healer for cavemen. The sad lamp however effective does not work like magic or stress relieve a patient’s body after just the first few times of use. The patient is recommended to use it over a long period of time as would a human therapist and take note of the changes experienced to get a better experience in the shortest time possible.


There are measures that need to be taken whist using any device, whether electrical or mechanical and the SAD Lamp is not exempted. Some f the safety measures include:

  • The lamp should not be opened close to flammable objects as same with other electrical devices.
  • The product was designed for indoor use only
  • Individuals at advanced ages should not be allowed use it and people with underlying health conditions.
  • Do not shorten or cut the cord.
  • While cleaning, it is imperative that there is no use of solvents or cleaners containing abrasives and ammonia.
  • The Lamp should be properly cleaned.


Whilst phototherapy is number one in solving seasonal and affective disorder and some other health related issues, there are a few patients who are sensitive to light treatment and may or not react to the intensity or brightness of light that the SAD Lamp provides. We recommend that such patients try the following;

Step 1 – Turn on the lamp and place it 18 inches away from the face (don’t look at it directly)

Step 2 – Turn off the lamp after about 10 mins of use if the light brings any form of discomfort.  Stop using it and contract a medical practitioner immediately. In any case you are sensitive to light and do not feel any form of discomfort while using the light, you can then begin to use more time with the light whilst distancing yourself a little more from the light. This is will deliver more intensity and by that give a greater effect. For your first sessions, try to take note of the intensity of any discomfort noticed during use and after use, then try to accordingly adjust your time, the position of the product and its proximity.


This product was designed using the finest and most durable materials possible and therefore it is bound to last for a very long time even with minimum or no care whatsoever but to ensure you don’t spend money twice on the same product, we have outlined the easiest ways you can take care of the SAD lamp.

Occasionally, clean the lamp with a soft cloth and any mild nonabrasive cleaner. Also, always make sure the product is turned off and unplugged from the socket while cleaning. The product in most cases should also be given ample time to cool down if it was previously just in use. With these minimal steps done accurately to specification, we can guarantee you that the product will last for as long as you need it to.


Please tread with caution while cleaning the product, follow the steps we have given you and you’ll be fine. For clarity and seriousness purposes, we feel the need to state again clearly that for cleaning the product, do not use solvents or cleaners with ammonia or abrasives and make sure you use a soft cloth. It is also imperative to state that the product should be left to dry completely before it is connected to power supply. Most users should also consider cleaning their product after use to ensure that it has ample time to get dried.


Sad lamps are being sold everywhere on the internet but to get the best, most effective and durable ones, the best recommendation is that you order from Home care wholesale at We have different prices for different specifications and apart from being one of the most trustworthy online dealers, Home care prides herself in her worldwide delivery service that is available to very country of the world.


How do I know I have SAD?

Firstly, there are symptoms for SAD, and if you’ve been noticing a series of yearly depression symptoms, you might want to see a doctor as quick as possible to get yourself checked

Is phototherapy safe?

Most forms of phototherapy are considered safe but if you are sensitive to intense lights, it would be better you attended normal therapy.

Why Light therapy over Therapists?

The choice of the particular version of therapy a person does is dependent on a lot of things but fir one, light therapy is cheaper and doesn’t get you out of the house especially during the spread of COVID-19

Recommend a sad lamp for me

While sad lamp recommendations should be mostly done by your medical practictioner, there is one sad lamp that is trusted, the full spectrum Sad lamp with timer, has portable circadian optics therapy light energy lamp with ultra-bright 10,000 lux and 3 color temperatures.

The product details are as follows:

Model: JSK 20

SIZE: 249*178*10mm

Adapter: Input 110-240V, Output: 20V-0.9A

Power: 14W

Light intensity: Stepless: 2000 – 12000lux (6 inc/15cm)

How much does a SAD lamp cost?

Prices of SAD lamps vary based on their abilities and specifications, so the best thing would be to head out to our website and find a lamp that meets your specifications and price range as well.