Pediatric Pulse Oximeter
Pediatric Pulse Oximeter
Pediatric Pulse Oximeter
Pediatric Pulse Oximeter
Pediatric Pulse Oximeter
Pediatric Pulse Oximeter
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Pediatric Pulse Oximeter


Heal Force Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for Children – Heal Force Prince -100B1

1. The Prince-100B1 Oximeter is designed for pediatric use. With cute cartoon animal design on it, your kids will love using it.
2. Intelligent design to properly fit the small fingers of young children.
3. Digital display with full color screen and waveform graph.
4. Durable and smartly designed. Suitable for everyday use.

This pediatric pulse oximeter functions just like a regular pulse oximeter, except this model is designed to fit the smaller fingers of children. It has an anti-motion feature enables the device to be accurate even if the kid's finger moves while being tested.
Age Range: 1-12 years old
Measurement Parameters: SpO2, Pulse Rate, Perfusion Index
Waveform Display: Plethysmogram, Pulse intensity histogram
Alarm Function: Audio and Visual Alarm
Power: 2*AAA Battery
Certificate: CE, RoHS, ISO9001

Package Contents
1 * Pulse Oximeter
1 * User Manual
1 * Oximeter Carrying Case

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Customer Reviews

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John Smith
Quick accurate pulse ox

My 2 yr old has asthma so this is perfect for keeping an eye on his oxygen level. It¡¯s very easy to use, quick, and pretty accurate (we tested it with his pulmonologist)

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Kimberley T.
Fits tiny fingers¡ªquick, accurate results

This is a child-sized pulse-oximeter to use with small fingers. Due to the advent of COVID, I got both an adult-sized pulse oximeter and this one for when my grandson visits as his family lives in a high risk area. (See photo comparing size.) I compared readings on the two and they are either exactly the same or occasionally show 1 numeral lower or higher¡ªa negligible difference. Highly recommended for homes with small children.

Adorable device - great for asthmatics

This cute little light weight heart rate monitor is adorable. It safely and effectively monitors heart rate, pulse and oxygen levels. This is perfect for using with an asthmatic child or a child who is suffering from respiratory or pulmonary illnesses. The device is so cute and looks like a toy which would not be intimidating or scary for a child. I think this is a great product and I would recommend it.