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Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal

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Smart Ear Wax Removal Swab with 16 Replacement Heads | Safe Ear Wax Cleaner Swab System

1. The best way to clean your ears. More effective than cotton swabs.
2. Easy to use: just insert it into your ear and twist in direction of arrow to grab and extract earwax.
3. Soft head for comfortable use. The smart swab heads are made of soft TPE. It is designed to prevent you from pushing too deep into the ear.
4. Soft, spiraled and grooved head collects more wax than a regular cotton swab.
5. Package Includes: 1 handle with 16 replacement heads and 1 storage case.

Product Features
Why do you need a Smart Ear Wax Removal Swab?
Cotton swabs can push wax deeper into your ear, potentially injuring your ear drum.
This new kind of smart ear swab cleans extra wax out of the ears.
Unlike cotton swabs, the spiraled and grooved head on this TPE Swab actually captures all the wax with a small twist. This makes it more effective than cotton swabs, while also helping to improve your hearing quality and ear health.

Package Contents
1 * Swab Handle
16 * Swab Heads
1 * Storage Case

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