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Detox foot patch(10 Pack) - Foot Patch, Eliminate Your Toxins

1. Made from natural herbal ingredients, safe and effective
2. Can relieve tension and fatigue, help promote a good sleep
3. Perfectly safe, just place them on the bottom of your feet

These Homecarewholesale Deluxe Foot Pads patches are popular 'detox body' products used in many Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, China, to flush moisture and internal toxins from the body through reflexology and acupressure points in foot.

"Detox" Pad Foot Pads attract harmful toxins through the bottom of your feet using plant essences combined with distilled bamboo vinegar. Simply place the electrodes on the soles of your feet, while you sleep, the vinegar attracts toxins, foreign chemicals and toxins from your body through the bottom of your foot where they are absorbed by the pads. It is said to work on all types of contaminants, including heavy metals and metabolic wastes.

Product specifications
Description of use: detox foot patches
Ingredients: bamboo vinegar, carapace, tourmaline, vitamin C, cornstarch, wood vinegar, green tea, grapefruit extract, chritosan, agaricus, dokudami
Dimensions of each Pad: 11 x 7cm(4.3 x 2.8in)

Package Contents
10 * Foot Patch (5 pairs)

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Customer Reviews

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Connie Crowley
This product is AMAZING!! Worth the try!!!

Oh my!!! I wasn't at all sure about these foot pads but WOW!!! I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and i wore these for the first time and slept A-MAZING!!! They were easy enough to figure how to put them on and they smelled nice. Once on they had a nice warming sensation. I woke up this morning and peeled them off and it was really gross but very satisfying seeing how black they were! I would 100% recommend these and i can't wait to see how i feel in a few days even!