Health Monitor Device
Health Monitor Device
Health Monitor Device
Health Monitor Device
Health Monitor Device

Health Monitor Device


The CMI Health PC-303 All-in-One Health Monitor is a fully integrated portable health monitoring system.

The PC-303 station allows the user to measure, store and share, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate, Temperature, ECG and Blood Glucose data.

The built-in Android tablet provides enhanced visibility and Bluetooth/Cellular/ Wi-Fi interface.

  • Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and operate.
  • Clear and large numeric display by segment LCD panel, real-time clock display is available.
  • Accurate blood pressure measurement can be activated or canceled by one shortcut button. 
  • Unique oximetry technique ensures quick and accurate SpO2 & pulse  rate measurement  by smart  sensor.
  • Smart infrared temperature probe ensures quick and accurate measurement of body temperature. 
  • Blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse rate and temperature can be measured simultaneously.
  • Blood Glucose meter can be connected to the device as well.
  • Data storage with recall, up to 999 groups of records can be stored with label of patient ID. 
  • Power management with power saving mode, auto power off and low battery indication. 
  • Data upload to PC by USB cable and real-time data transmission to smart phone by  wireless  connection. 

Product name: Spot-check monitor
Model: PC-303
Systolic pressure: 60~240mmHg
Body temperature: 32.0~43.0℃
Diastolic pressure: 30~ 180mmHg
Heart rate: 30bpm~ 240bpm
Blood glucose: 1.7mmol/L~ 27 .8mmol /L
Blood oxygen saturation: 35%~ 100%
Pulse rate: 30 bpm~ 240 bpm
Power supply: dc 3.7v (rechargeablelitium battery)
Size: 165mmx 96mmx 68mm
Net weight: 440g
Data transfer: 100 user IDs, each ID can store 999 historical data
Data transmission: dual Bluetooth transmission, mobile and PC terminal storage and playback can be realized through Bluetooth transmission
Standard equipment: main engine, electrocardiograph, blood oxygen probe, ear temperature probe, blood pressure cuff, blood glucose meter (optional), power adapter
Applicable scope: monitor the ECG, body temperature, non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate of the user

Package Content:
1* Device
1* USB Data Cable
1* AC/DC adapter (US standard)
1* NIBP Cuff
1* Medium-Size Adult NIBP Cuff
1* Thermometer
1* Canvas Case
1* Adult Fingertip Sp02 Probe
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