Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath Arrays


Arrays for Detox Foot Bath (6 Pack) - Replacement Arrays for Ionic Detox Foot Spa Cleanse Machines

1. Each array contains dual spiral-activating coils for superb ion production.
2. Absolutely the best replacement / extra / spare arrays on the market today.
3. These arrays are well-made with a molded composite plastic exterior and stainless steel internal coils.
4. Arrays normally can be used between 30-50 times before needing replaced.

The best arrays for your Detox Foot Spa Cleanse Machine can be found here. These arrays are compatible with all brands of detox foot spa machines.
These are manufactured by in our opinion the absolute best ionic-array factory in the world. Original round high-quality replacement arrays! Absolute longest-lasting arrays on the market!
Feature 1: Universal Connector. Just start using them with your machine to enjoy a big savings for yourself or your business.
Feature 2: They are well-made with an easy-to-clean composite plastic exterior and top-quality stainless-steel wire in both internal coils.
Feature 3: Dual spiral-activating coils for superb ion production! If you are still worry about use your arrays now this kind of new arrays can help you!
Warranty: Two years 

Package Including
6 * Replacement Arrays

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