Ozone Generator
Ozone Generator 600mg/h
Ozone Generator 600mg/h
Ozone Generator 600mg/h
Ozone Generator 600mg/h
Ozone Generator 600mg/h

Ozone Generator 600mg/h

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Ozone Generator Ozone Water and Air Purifier(600mg/h) | Cleaner Sterilizer for Water, Vegetables, Fruits, and More

1. Multi-Function Ozone Generator that can be mounted on a wall or used as a portable device.
2. Use it to purify water, sanitize the air, clean vegetables and fruits.
3. It is also a popular device for cleaning odors from the air.
4. This model is considered by experts to be one of the most powerful and convenient sterilizing systems on the market today.

An incredibly useful device, this energy efficient Ozone Generator is perfect for your personal or small business use. This Ozone Generator comes with everything you need to remove odors, kills viruses, destroy mold, bacteria and mildew along with sterilizing water in a natural and chemical free way.

What is Ozone? O3 (ozone) is one of the most powerful sterilizing agents in the world. It's 5 times more powerful than molecular chlorine in destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses. It is a strong and effective natural algaecide, bactericide, disinfectant, fungicide, germicide, sanitizer and anti-viral. This device will produce it for you in a natural and safe way which you can use to sterilize and clean air, water, fruits and vegetables.

Product Details
Description of Use: Ozone is one of the worlds most powerful sterilizing agents. If you are looking for an organic & reliable method to sanitize & clean air, water, fruits and vegetables then you need the Ozone Water and Air Purifier from Express Panda.Installation: Mount it on a wall or place flat onto a table.


Typical Applications:
Clean water: by placing ozone tube into glass or bowl of water.
Clean fruits and vegetables: put fruits into a bowl of water and then place ozone tube into the bowl.
Clean the air of bacteria and viruses: point ozone tube at main section of room. this type of air sanitizing is normally done in a hospital, dentist office or day-care center after everyone has left for the day so the ozonator can clean the air at night when nobody is around.
Produce super clean water for your fish.
Eliminate mold and mildew odor from a basement or bathroom.
Use ozone oxiginated water to clean dentures and toothbrushes.
Sterilize and deodorize the air, drapes and bed sheets of a guest room.
Do periodic air treatment of your office or bedroom to eliminate pollen and other allergens.
Timer Function: Yes (5-30 minutes)
Where to Use: Home or Office
Ozone Output: 600mg/h
Power: 110-220V
Weight: 0.8KG(1.8lb)
Dimensions: 27x9x7.5cm(11x7x3in)

Package Contents
1 x Ozone Water Purifier
2 x Diffuser Balls
2 x Tube
1 x User manual

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