Portable ECG Monitor
Portable ECG Monitor
Portable ECG Monitor
Portable ECG Monitor
Portable ECG Monitor
Portable ECG Monitor
Portable ECG Monitor
Portable ECG Monitor

Portable ECG Monitor

PC-80B: Color Screen
PC-180B: NOT Color Screen

PC-80B Portable ECG/EKG with Color Screen and Full Accessories Set

1. REAL-TIME HEART MONITORING: This portable ECG device gives you the ability to instantly measure your heart functions anytime you would like. The LCD can display both the current electrocardiogram wave graph and heart rate measurement.
2. MULTIPLE MEASUREMENT OPTIONS: The ECG monitor has built-in contact electrodes on side of the device. Has the ability to measure your heart rate from three different areas: Palm, Leg, Chest. There is also a port for the use of an external 3-lead wire electrode cable if you want to more accurately test and monitor for specific heart conditions.
3. SUITABLE FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS AND HOME USERS: If used at home, it can provide you and your doctor with relevant data on the most recent heart condition. If used in a health clinic or other medical treatment center, it can provide live measurement data of a patient's current condition as well as monitor and record transient cardiac events.
4. TWO WORKING MODES: In EASY MODE the ECG monitor records 30 seconds sections at a time, giving you a good overview at various times of your choosing. In CONTINUOUS MODE the ECG monitor continuously measures and records the waveforms until you press the stop button.
5. MEMORY: Internal memory can record 1200 tests. Using the included USB cable you can easily move the testing data to your computer for analyses using the included software.

Heal Force Prince 180-B Easy Handheld Portable ECG Monitor With 3-Lead ECG Cable And Pack Of ECG Electrodes, Software and USB Cable

1. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use - can be used by patients. Provides an accurate diagnosis on par with professionals, clinics, and hospitals.
2. Quick 30-second single-channel ECG waveform analysis with/without electrodes.
3. Presents results with up to 17 different types of ECG waveforms and heart rate display ‧ Signal amplification (Gain Mode).
4. Easy to read - Large, high-resolution color LCD display.
5. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included) with low voltage indication. Auto power-off after 35 second idle time.

Product Details
Description of use: A handheld ECG device which gives you the ability to take a measurement of your heart functions anytime you would like. The LCD can display both the real-time electrocardiogram wave graph and heart rate measurement. Each measurement file can also be reviewed anytime you like.
Suitable for patient and professional use. May be recommended by doctors to patients who have experienced recent heart problems and need to do thorough daily self-testing. Helpful in determining the etiology of cardiac events.
This ECG/EKG monitor allows you to record the electrocardiograph data and then replay the recordings to a healthcare professional during an office visit.
The PC-80B can take measurements from three different areas: Palm, Leg, Chest
Has a high-resolution, full-color LCD viewscreen that is very bright so it can be easily viewed by people of all ages.
The included ECGVIEW software allows you to view and analyze the measurement results from all your tests.
PC Software: ECGView. Manage the data, review the data, analyze potential problems, compile statistics and make printed reports.
Brand and Model: Heal Force, PC-80B
Power: 2 * AAA batteries (not included)
Certification: FDA, CE, CCC, RoHS, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, AAMI EC 38, FDA-501K Group I: Class B
Warranty: Manufacturer's one-year warranty

Package Including

PC-80B PC-180B
1 * Portable ECG/EKG Monitor  1 * Portable ECG/EKG Monitor
1 * Three-channel ECG Lead Wire (also called an "electrode cable") 1 * Software download instruction
1 * Instruction Manual 1 * Carrying Pouch
1 * Software 1 * Instruction Manual
1 * Computer Cable

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