Ultrasound Gel
Ultrasonic Cavitation Gel
Ultrasonic Cavitation Gel
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Ultrasonic Cavitation Gel


Cavitation Gel (3-Bottles) for use with Cavitation / Ultrasound / RF Machines

1. Gel for Cavitation Machines, Ultrasound Equipment, and Radio Frequency Devices.
2. Gel contains no harmful chemicals, fragrance or dyes.
3. Will not damage equipment or stain clothing.
4. Gel is hypoallergenic and non irritating.
5. The Ultrasound Gel are CE Approved (93/42/EEC, Medical Devices).

This Cavitation Gel by U-Style is a medical gel designed to increase the coupling efficiency, clarity and response between medical probes and the human dermis (skin). The U-Style Cavitation Gel is a multipurpose medical gel offers superior transmission clarity without fragrance or color and is suitable for use with Cavitation Machines, Ultrasound Equipment, and Radio Frequency Devices. 

Product Details 
Gel is acoustically correct (neutral) for the broad range of RF and ultrasound uses 
Gel is clear and water-soluble (easy to clean off) 
Has a moisture rich formula to keep skin lubricated during use of medical equipment 
Each Bottle Size: 125g (4.4 oz) 
Compatible Equipment Brands: U-Style, Philips, Synergy, Covidian, and all others 

Package Contents 
3 x Bottles of Cavitation Gel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Works Pretty Well

I have forehead wrinkles that I've been trying to get rid of for a while now, and even though they're not completely gone, this product has reduced their appearance noticeably. Took a couple of days to see a change, and it does dry out your skin if you use it too often. But it's definitely worth trying out if you have fine lines and wrinkles!

Carrie Haynes
Rapid Lift Tightener

I really like this product and it really works and works fast !

Ed and Kasey ♥️
Works! Instant wrinkle disappearance and lightens , lifts!

Works! Worked in front of my eyes! Hubby agreed it worked!

This really tightened

Ok...so I’ve tried every tightening product so far including Plexaderm and let me tell you...this product is what it claims to represent! I like Plexiderm but it is too thick and doesn’t blend with my skin. After applying a thin amount of this rapid tightening cream...it SO tightens .....I am a 50 year old who has tried almost every tightening product out there and I will give some advice..... first of all, wash your face, then apply a small amount and work it in and let it dry completely then for you makeup girls.... just dab...dab....that makeup over with your cosmetic sponge.....I’m amazed...it really works! You feel the tightening right away! Temporary...but long lasting!

Very Tiny Tube (not happy 🙁)

it seems to work as advertised and shipping was fast but I'm shocked at the size!I spent $28 on this tiny tube. I guess I didn't realize how small .05 oz really is.Not worth the cost. Will not buy again