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Disposable Electrode for Heal Force Prince 80B, 180B, 80A, 180D ECG Monitors


Disposable Electrode for Heal Force Prince 80B, 180B, 80A, 180D ECG Monitors - Sealed Pack of 25 Premium Fabric Electrodes

1. Provided in a sterile sealed foil package to provide maximum effectiveness.

2. Self-adhesive type electrodes with ventilated fabric backcloth cover.

3. Convenient style electrode refill pack (contains 25 electrodes) for Heal Force brand ECG monitors.

4. CE and FDA certification:

5. Can be used with 3- or 4-lead electrodes wire cables.

These electrode pads are suitable for medical equipment such as EMS / TENS digital therapy units, portable ECG / EKG monitors, etc.

Product Details

Description of Use: Self-adhesive foam electrode pads - no gel, no tape, no fuss! Just peel the electrodes off the backing and place them on the skin.

Size: 2-inch diameter (50 mm)

Electrode pads for use with medical devices

Comfortable to use

Universal snaps

Certification: CE, FDA, CCC

Package Contents

25 * Electrode Pads

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Latham
I use these with my Tens unit

These work great with my tens unit and it takes less of these to cover the areas that are in pain. I feel so much better with these because of the amount of coverage available.