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Best Electric Acupuncture Pen For Pain Relief Therapy
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Best Electric Acupuncture Pen For Pain Relief Therapy

$59.98 $69.99

Digital Acupuncture with Electronic Pressure Point Locator / Electric Acupuncture Device

  • Cordless Acupuncture Pen: works with the technology that detects points automatically (Audible, Visual, and Numeric), is effective in improving muscle pain therapy because it improves the blood circulation by positioning the acupuncture points precisely and frequency that is easy to adjust up to intensity level of 10 and 10 sensitivity adjust control, that works needle-free and is effectively painless.
  • Electric Pain-relieving Acupuncture Pen: can be used in all premises easily, i.e., beauty salons, massage parlors, home, and hospital use. Effectively suitable for all kinds of joints and muscle pain that can be chronic at a time, it works with the whole human body. It is also an accessory to therapy for arthritis, frozen shoulder, and neuromuscular pain, etc.
  • Three Acupuncture Probes: three acupuncture probes work accordingly, e.g., small-sized probes for ears, beauty probes for the face only, and middle-sized probes for the body; they all help to improve blood circulation and pain relief. Must be operated by an expert, i.e., someone who knows about the acupoints for more accuracy. "Electric stimulation or numbness" is a working principle and not a quality problem.
  • Working Principle:  you would need a second person to put his hand on your skin to make the acupuncture pen work or check the acupuncture pen is working. You won't feel anything if the other person doesn't put his hand on your skin. Thus, a single-phase electric-based operated relies on static body electric charge to make the loop.

Electronic Acupuncture Pen

  • This therapy device has a digital display for the location of acupuncture trigger points. It incorporates an effective push button stimulation feature for immediate electric acupuncture treatment of the point immediately following its detection.
  • Large LCD Digital Display: Frequency / Sensitivity Indicator. The digital display helps the user locate the most accurate acupuncture trigger point easily—the ability to vary intensity and stimulation.
  • Point Detection: Meter, Sound, and Light Indicators
  • Pulse Width: 220 microseconds
  • Pulse Modes: Continuous
  • Pulse Shape: Asymmetric biphasic square wave
  • Output Intensity Control: ON / OFF, 0 to 10
  • Sensitivity Adjust Control: 0 to 10
  • Adjustable Frequency Control: 1 to 16Hz
  • Micro-current Output: 0 to 2 microamps
  • Power Supply: 9-volt battery
  • Certification: CE, FDA, CCC

    Acupressure uses point pressure and integrates bodywork therapies to achieve significant therapeutic benefits for the patient.

    Self-treatment for electric acupuncture has never been so easy! Doctor Han was quoted as saying, "this is the best innovative hand-held point stimulator available today."

    Laser Acupuncture Pen

    • Laser: 635 nm. Red laser, Class III-A 5 MW. Research demonstrates that a wavelength of 635 nm is the frequency of a healthy cell and is optimal for healing and most beneficial for stimulating acupuncture points.
    • This is the same laser used by Doctors Home Facelift to stimulate acupuncture points and treat facial wrinkles. The smaller tip is very useful for auriculotherapy and points close to the eyes.
    • Battery: 1 x AA battery (not included)
    • Certification: CE, RoHS

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews
      michel gingras


      Wrong Item

      I ordered and paid for 20+ the electric acupuncture pen but instead got a massge pen which can easily order on amazon for $10 . There was no instructurion , no manual chart. I would not order from them

      Shirley Silva
      Electrical acupuncture!!

      This is a really cool little device. At first I was very skeptical of this working because first of all I hardly believe in acupuncture and second of all this isn't your typical acupuncture. For those that are curious you don't actually need to stab yourself with anything using this method it uses an electrical current instead. I've used it to treat some of my back pain, and I've got to say, if used correctly it definitely helps. It seems like it's more of a temporary cure though so don't expect this to heal all your ailments.

      Marek Ondruj
      Instructions and helpful hints

      Took a while for me to understand exactly how to work the pen. There are very limited instructions in the manual. I will try my best to share what ive learned.

      Getting started:
      1) if you dont know what youre doing, at minimum purchase a chart of meridians and points prior to use. This does not come with any diagrams.
      2) You will need some kind of conducting gel. Thia comes with an empty container to fill. Aloe Vera is a great cheap option

      Steps to begin:
      1) unpack and charge. Leave the probe until youre ready to use. The green light DOES NOT mean it's done. Light will go off when it is charged. Start to finish, charging probably takes 10 15 min tops. Make sure To turn to off position To Charge or after/between use use .
      2) Put your Settings ( on/off INT) at 4 for fattier tissue and 2-3 for face or close to bone. For "SEN" keep low around 2 (if you turn it up it will misidentify points). The dial that looks like volume, frequency, is just how fast it beeps or how fast the signal is sent. I keep mine about 3/4 way up but all the way up is fine too.
      3) To begin scanning , plug in probe and put the gel on the area of the point youre looking for. (Make sure you hold it like a pencil -touching both metal plates with one hand and in the other hold it inside a closed fist). Scan over a point and watch the screen.
      It will read 00 until you hit the point and it will begin to beep and green light will flash.
      ( If you dont hear anyting as you place it over the are try adding more gel or turn SEN up 1 number at a time. In general though you will not hear or see anything except the digital screen change to show its on).

      Reading the screen:
      1) When the light begins to flash and the beeping is fast you have found a point. Move it around lightly touching the skin while watching the screen.

      1) The highest number on the screen indicates the best angle and pressure to use. Watching the screen and find your high number (e.g. screen says 94) and push the treatment or "loc stim" button to deliver the current.
      - Start
      Hold for 20 sec to one minute per point. The number should drop to around 15-20. Although sometimes I have gotten it to 00.
      And Done!

      Other tips:
      1) I usually charge it again after 3 points or when I notice the baseline is lower than what it was (beeping of initial point is significantly less).
      2) before starting, set the current on 2 and touch the tip of your fingers to the end and push to treat so you can adjust the current to your needs. 3) you may sometimes feel the current go to the hand holding the device. Just losen your grip and watch the numbers. 4) its helpful to have a partner to hold the probe. The big flat probe is for your face and pointed for the rest
      5) Use it max maybe 3x a day or 6 points.

      Thats all I got! Overall its a great device and well worth the money. Its helpful if you know how to use it! So far it really helps with my foot cramps and pain in my neck and shoulders.
      Ok! Good luck!

      Brandon Stroven
      Worth it.

      Great product. Enhances accupincture by stimulation or used as stand alone. Charges fairly quickly and lasts a good while. Helps soo much.