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Wrist Style Oximeter for Sleep Monitoring / Long-Term Measurement of SpO2, Pulse Rate, and Perfusion Index

1. The Heal Force Prince-100H Sleep Monitor Oximeter is a wrist-mounted SPO2 and Pulse Rate recording device for use while resting. It is ideal for sleep apnea, monitoring, and long-term monitoring SpO2, PR, and PI (Perfusion Index).
2. This pulse oximeter model is designed for longer-term monitoring of SpO2 levels, pulse rate, and strength. The data is transferrable to a PC and analyzed by computer software.
3. Alarm for abnormal results for SpO2 and PR - default limits can be customized to suit your needs.
4. Built-in data storage can record up to 480 hours of monitoring.

The small finger pulse oximeter is a lifesaver. The objective behind its production is to long-term monitor pulse rate (PR), oxygen saturation (SpO2), and perfusion index (PI). Your finger is held comfortably by the secure rubber probes to wear during the night. You can easily move without worrying about dropping the signal, no matter you're working out, biking or sleeping, or even working on your desk.
The data can be easily transferred to your computer using specific software for enhanced and detailed analysis regarding every single movement. You can pinpoint the specific points and can analyze the details separately.

Best Handheld Oxygen Monitor Sleep Cycle Tracker


Product Features:
Perfect for clinical or home use.
Anti-motion technology with highly accurate measurements.
It comes with Perfusion Index (PI) percentage to display measurement options of the plethysmogram.
Abnormal result alarm
OLED display for a better view.
Adjustable Velcro wrist strap that people of all age groups can easily use.
Automatic finger recognition.
Power details: 2*AAA Batteries.
Brand: Heal Force®
Warranty: Two years
Certification: FDA, CE

Package Contents:
1 * Oximeter
1 * User Manual
1 * Quick Start Guide
1 * Software for PC (Windows compatible)
1 * Computer Data Cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Claude Van der Heyden
Bon et pratique

Bon appareil données similaires a mon oxymètre de doigt, très sensible, peut-être un peu trop. Bonne impression dans l'ensemble et au premier emploi, Très pratique en déambulation pour contrôler le concentrateur.

Oxygen monitor

Good product, wish it was charged with usb rather than the AAA batteries that run out fast. Good alert monitor overall

Jeff Townsend

Works great, I fasten it to my wrist at night to monitor my O2 level throughout the night. If it gets below a set number a vibrating alarm goes off until the O2 level rises back above that level. In the morning I connect it to my computer and it downloads the over night readings for later use. Works very well so far.

Gary Bumgarner
Professional oxymeter

The wrist band could be improved

Ivan Micheletti
Great buy

In this difficult times when me and my husband were sick and the oximeter was a must have to track the oxygen levels. And the oximeters were no where to be found.... We after the help of Homecare we found this one and it was a great help not it is easy to use it also has a recording option where we can record the reading for some time... Amazing product