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5MP USB Iriscope | Iris Analyzer | Iridology Camera

5MP USB Iriscope | Iris Analyzer | Iridology Camera

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High-Resolution CCD USB Iriscope – Diagnostic Eye Camera with 5.0 MP HD Iris Lens, Driver-Free Analysis Software, and Metal Storage Case by Home Care Wholesale....!!!

1.【Profashional Analysis System】 Professional Iriscope (iris eye examination camera) with analysis system for iridology analysis.

2.【5.0MP with Quick-access Image 】This is an economical 5.0 MP iris scope with a quick-access image capture button and L/R LED lights to control buttons for making exams easy and effective.

3.【Diagnosis and Prevention Ailments】The optical + digital Iriscope system includes the newest iris analysis software to check the body conditions and help diagnose and prevent many ailments.

4.【Color Image】Features an adjustable focus and auto white balance and contrast adjustment; Color Temperature Filter gives you the clearest color image yet from a diagnostic Iriscope.

5.【Easy to use】 The easy to use Iris-scope can be plugged directly into the computer system without having an extra USB driver needed. You can use the switch located on the handle to adjust the brightness, light, and focus.


It is a Professional digital analysis tool for viewing and analyzing health through Iris examination. Through the use of iridology analysis, we get a better understanding of overall body health conditions. The included analysis software can also give you suggestions to improve your body health.


You don't need an extra electrical enactment, i.e., a power supply to operate the iris-scope, as it is attached to the computer directly. You can adjust Light brightness and focus by using the switch on the handle.


The iris-scope has software that can save product recommendations, client information, and photos. You can easily save and print the saved photos and analysis reports with the respective time and date of photos taken.

Technical Features:

  • 5.0 Megapixels high-resolution CMOS sensor.
  • Adjustable focus to give a clear image.
  • Compatibility access with all Windows versions such as 7, 8, 10, XP, 2000, Vista.
  • LED illuminator around the lens, with L/R lamp control.
  • Adjustable focus to give a clear image.
  • Auto white balance and contrast adjustment.
  • Color temperature filter.
  • Compatibility with hair lens along with skin lens and iris lens.


CE and FCC.

Iris-scope Perks & features:

1. Easy to use, the software is handy for diagnosis of health. Works with advanced auto-iris technology that analyzes the best results and can be of great help for beginners.

2. Our optical + digital Iriscope and iris analysis system software checks the body conditions and helps diagnose and prevent many ailments.

3. The advanced iris analysis technology will help people discover sources of illness and care for the body's health and spirit.

4. Comes with the health analysis software, which is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000.

5. Body conditions can be illustrated by the instrument and suggest suitable healthy food and plan to care better for their bodies.

6. The Iriscope report can be edited and printed to include additional information. Help you in the promotion of healthy products and healthy living.

Package Contents:

1 * Handset

1 * 30X Iris Lens

1 * USB Cable

1 * Iridology Chart

1 * CD (Driver and Pro Analysis Software)

1 * Aluminum Box

1 * User Manual

1 * Warranty card

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tiffany Pruitt

Took a while to set up but everytime I contacted the shop they responded very quickly and were able to help me get the software set up, so far it seems like a great iris scope and I am looking forward to a lot of use out of my scope!

Lynda Peiffer
Four Stars

Good hardware, software needs a lot
Of work, Overall, considering price, I'm happy with it