Protable 308nm UVB Light Therapy At Home For Eczema Vitiligo
Protable 308nm UVB Light Therapy At Home For Eczema Vitiligo
Protable 308nm UVB Light Therapy At Home For Eczema Vitiligo
Protable 308nm UVB Light Therapy At Home For Eczema Vitiligo
Protable 308nm UVB Light Therapy At Home For Eczema Vitiligo

Protable 308nm UVB Light Therapy At Home For Eczema Vitiligo


2020 Kernel Portable 308nm Psoriasis Vitiligo KN-5000H

Derma 308 Targeted phototherapy is a modern phototherapy treatment instrument that can help treat Vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders quickly.

It can generate high-energy ultraviolet. Compared to traditional phototherapy, the treatment is very accurate and targeting, which sharply minimizes the treatment causes.

This product is a new type of ultraviolet light therapy equipment. The instrument can emit high-intensity UVB ultraviolet light. Compared with traditional ultraviolet light therapy, it highlights the accuracy and directionality of the treatment, which significantly shortens the treatment period and the number of treatments. Reduced, the lesion can be removed in a short time.

Clinically used 308 phototherapy has two different characteristics as compared to the other methods of phototherapy:

1. High energy and good curative effect, rapid effect, and short time of treatment. The energy is reflected by the intensity of the radiation (also known as light intensity, optical power, spot density).

2. Single wavelength is 308nm, and Avoid any other harmful wavelength interference.

308-nm Excimer Laser Home UV Light Therapy

Product Description:

  • High-intensity LED ultraviolet light, the light source has a longer life, so that the treatment response is rapid, which can reduce the patient's treatment cycle and frequency.
  • The instrument is suitable for small area treatment, with good targeting, and it is easier to reach the diseased parts that are difficult for traditional light sources.
  • The flexible treatment handle can precisely control the radiation treatment range, so that it will not shine on the normal skin and avoid damage to the normal skin.
  • Small size and easy to carry.
  • The two treatment modes can be selected by the user that includes the time of the dose as well.
  • Built-in MED testing program, convenient for users to test by themselves (5000K applicable).
  • With stand, easy to place.

UVB Light Therapy At Home for Psoriasis Vitiligo

Technical Parameters:

Power Adapter: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz±2%
Battery operation time: 70 mins
Charging time: 3 hours (power reaches 85%)
Dimension: 5000H:238mm×68mm×71mm
Packing size: 370*310*160mm
Illuminated area: 12cm2±10%(35*35mm)
Peak wavelength: 308nm±2nm

Portable Excimer Laser For psoriasis ultraviolet light therapy


Improvement of the skin condition with treatment with UVB Model KN-5000H is quite remarkable when used according to medical advice and provided instructions. 


Best Treatment For Skin Disorder - Psoriasis Vitiligo and Eczema
excimer laser for psoriasis
uv treatment for psoriasis Vitiligo Eczema

KERNEL KN-5000H 308nm Excimer laser machine FAQs

Q1, Does it hurt while getting treated with the Kernel 308nm Excimer laser machine?
Ans: This is a Safe and painless feel. 308nm Excimer laser, a single wavelength, and higher intensity give no discomfort.

Q2, Can it be used on a child? What are the side effects?
Ans: It's very safe and efficient and can be used on Children with zero side effects.

Q3, Is there some bad reaction after the phototherapy? Will it affect work?
Ans: It will turn to a little red in the treatment area, but it will recover after 24-72 hours and doesn't affect normal life.


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