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Best Ear Scope to check ear infection in adults
Ear Speculum For Adults
Built in Halogen Lamp - Best Ear Otoscope
Best EarScope to check ear infections in dogs

Best Ear Otoscope to Check Inner Ear Infection in Adults

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Professional Diagnostic Otoscope (with light and hard case):

1. View the ears' inside to diagnose problems such as otitis media, otitis externa, inner and middle infections of the ear, and more common problems such as wax build-up or foreign object detection.

2. Built-in light enables easier viewing of the ear canal

3. The halogen light is a full spectrum light source that provides 100 CRI for the most accurate viewing of ear problems

4. Large diameter optical quality glass lens gives a clearer picture inside the ear

5. It comes with a protective hard plastic case for safe storage of the otoscope

The mid-sized ear otoscope comes with light and a magnifying lens that can help to examine adult's and children's ears in a better way.

Otoscope to check ear infection in child's

Product Details

Note: The disposable ear speculum and specula adapter are not included with the package. You need to buy them separately.

Better examining aided by the halogen full spectrum light with high accuracy.

Scratch-resistant material used in optical viewing glass.

2 x C battery operated.

Aero-grade aluminum extrusion – elite quality yet available.

Height: 20 cm (8 inches)

Speculum: two sizes of ear specula

Otoscope - Inner Ear Infection in Dogs

Package Contents
1 * Otoscope
1 * Ear Speculum for Children
1 * Ear Speculum for Adults

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Debbie Boehler
That's a silly question

Really like the product

Wax Be Gone

Got to like. I wear hearing aids so if wax builds my wife can now see the wax build up and take action for removal.

Clear view

I don't know how to explain how much I like it. I lost my old one because my son hid it. So I need buy a new one for my work until I find it. This is not the expensive one. But it is working better then I thought. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Awesome otoscope for earwax cleaning

My son is almost 4, and we never did deep earwax cleaning for him before. Recently, we found he speaks always so loud due to he has so much earwax, so we try to help him clean it. We bought some tools to try to remove the earwax, but they were not helpful. My son’s ear is still small, so it’s hard to see inside clearly. Until I bought this otoscope, it is really helpful. I can see his ear inside so clear and bright. It is easier for me to help my son remove the earwax. Thanks this awesome otoscope!

Alexis Lorinskas
Easy to use

Good product for price!