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ChoiceMMed LungBoost Respiratory Trainer

Best Breathing Exercise Device To Increase Lung Capacity For Running

$64.85 $86.99

LungBoost Electronic Smart Lung Exerciser - Lung Strengthener for Improving Lung Capacity - Replacement for Breathing Bag - Breathing Device to Strengthen Lungs - Lung Exercises Machine

1. EASY TO USE: Our lung exerciser device has simple to use electronic technology and makes lung capacity training and elevation training a breeze ; it also imitates a breathing bag for diving or instrument training
2. EASY TO READ: The Lung Boost breathe trainer is a good replacement for a high elevation training has a large screen display with incentive driven visuals making training interesting and fun
3. MULTIPLE TRAINING MODES: Our breathing exerciser has two training modes , endurance and strength , making your lung training sessions more effective
4. REMOVABLE MOUTH PIECE: Our smart lung training machine is built with a removable mouth piece design for easy cleaning and interchangeability

It can strengthen muscles that help in respiration and can help you elevate your breathing to an easier level for an enhanced performance especially in athletics. This device uses dual purpose training - Low Intensity Endurance Aerobic Training and High Intensity .Anaerobic Interval Training, while strengthening your inspiration (inhalation) and expiration (exhalation) muscles. LungBoost is ready to use with 5 resistance levels. Each resistance level can be adjusted to 5 positions. Train at your most comfortable level with 30 possible settings.

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Display: TN
Function Modes: Endurance/Strength/Memory Mode
Dimension: 161 x 61 x 117mm(6.3 x 2.4 x 4.6in)
Weight: 170g/0.4lb (without batteries)
Two AA 1.5V alkaline batteries, continuously operated as long as 300 hours.

Package Contents
1 * Respiratory Trainer
1 * Breathing Tube
5 * Resistance Cones
1 * User Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Lynn Brunkalla

Breathing Exercise | Lung Exercises | Increase Lung Capacity

Paul Gitimu
Get healthier now

Great for lung improvement

Dinica Summers
Life changing!!

I got this for my mother to use for fluid buildup in her lungs. She was on a fluid pill that made her weak and feel bad. Now she uses this twice a day and doesn't need the fluid pill. Her doctor was very pleased. My mother has diabetes, heart disease, heart valve replacement and is 82. For now this enables her not to take even more medication that makes her feel awful. I am so grateful for that.

Mercedes Ramirez
Device is adequate

Used for exercising the lungs after hospital stay from Covid

april lopez
Great Incentive Spirometer

I have asthma, so I am alway looking for ways so preserve my lung capacity. This device allows me to build my respiratory system, and build up strength as I rehab. A very simple device, easy to use, at a fair price. Very useful medical tool that helps me out a lot. Great purchase.