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Portable Home ECG Monitor - EKG Monitor For Monitoring Heart Rate

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Portable ECG Colour + ECG Wires Cables 50Pcs ECG Electrodes for Hands Palm Placement Leg Measurement Measure etc. (FDA, CE, Top-Rated)

The major features for this Handheld ECG/EKG Monitor are as follows:

1. NEWEST HEAL FORCE HANDHELD ECG: This portable ECG device allows you to measure your current heart condition anytime easily you desire. The electrocardiogram wave graph and heart rate can both be displayed on the LCD.

2. COMPREHENSIVE FUNCTIONS: Measure heart rate, display, and analysis of 19 types of ECG waveforms, keep report records on your computer to build a complete health history.

3. SUITABLE FOR ALL USER TYPES: If used at home, it keeps you and your doctor updated with the latest conditions about your heart. If used in a health clinic or other medical treatment center, it can provide live measurement data of a patient's current condition and monitor and record transient cardiac events.

4. MULTIPLE MEASUREMENT OPTIONS: The ECG monitor has built-in contact electrodes on the side of the device. It also has an external lead-wire port and comes with a 4-wire electrode cable. The Prince 180D can measure your heart rate from three different areas: Palm, Leg, Chest.


Product Details:

Product Overview: It is a Portable ECG monitor suitable for health care professionals individuals at home.

Dual-mode: The EASY MODE lets you record the 30-second sections at one time so you can have a good overview at any time. And the CONTINUOUS MODE, the waveforms are continuously measured until you hit the stop button.

Doctors may recommend that the patients need to get themselves monitored daily basis who had recent heart issues. The most common users can be health centers, university clinics, nursing homes, and individuals with known cardiac issues. 

The electrocardiographic data can be recorded and replayed at any time by the healthcare professional during an office visit on the ECG/EKG monitor.

It has a high-resolution OLED view screen.

The package includes the ECG VIEW software that allows you to view and analyze all your test measurement results.

Memory: Internal memory can record 1200 tests. With the USB cable included, you can easily move the testing data for analysis to your computer's linked software.

PC Software: ECG View. Manage the data, review the data, analyze potential problems, compile statistics and make printed reports.

Package includes the Heal Force 4-channel ECG Lead Wire (four-channel electrode cable)

Brand and Model: Heal Force, Prince 180D

Power: 4 * AA battery (not-included) or AC power adapter (included)

Certification: FDA, CE, CCC, RoHS, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, AAMI EC 38, FDA-501K Group I: Class B

Warranty: Manufacturer's one-year warranty


Package Contents:

1 * Portable ECG Monitor

1 * Four-channel lead wire

50 * Electrode Pads

1 * Carrying Pouch

1 * User Manual

1 * Software

1 * Computer Cable

1 * Charging Cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
richard stagg
A low budget DIY Holter Monitor

I bought this because I was recently diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia with exercise. I got an ICD implant and am on beta blockers. The BB should keep the VT arrhythmias down, but there is no real good way to know they are working in the wild, especially with months between stress test check-ups.

I am happy to report that this cheap Chinese ECG is working well for me and is giving me the readings I want. I bought new 3M electrode pads (recommendation below) and electrode gel. I don't think this product is for quick casual use, although it can be. I set it up with the electrodes on my chest, do light exercise for 45 minutes, and then looks at the results for anomalies. I use the "lead I" measurement with three leads on my chest (see manual appendix 1 #3). This is giving me a reliable Lead 1 reading. The software is not going to win any awards and it only works in Windows, but it is surprisingly better than I expected. I have hill walks that have lasted hours and it finds all the anomalies for me after importing the data into the computer. I can zoom in to the anomalies and print out ECG strips for my cardiologist. As others have said, read the manual and practice importing to the software. It does work well with patience.

Silvio Clavero
It works well for me but has a learning curve.

This is a very important tool for those of us that have a heart symptom. It came on time and works well. It may take you some time to learn it's system. The manual is very important to get the results you want. The windows 10 iso. file installed for me. I can upload a reading to the computer, view it, print it, scan it to a jpeg, and email it to my doctor. Yes that's a round about way but It,s better than just telling the doctor what you experienced. I use the "Limb" setting with two leads above my ankles and two above the wrists. This gives a read out with thee lines instead of just one line. For the price it's the best ECG available that I know of. It's not like have the doctor do it. You have to learn it's system but it is worth the effort if you want to have your doctor view what is going on when you aren't at the doctors office. I see some complaints but hope it keeps working for me when I need it. Best wishes to all of you!

Elizabeth Attanasio
Works well, not super user friendly, hence the 4 star rating

I bought this because I was experiencing a very low heart rate while I was sleeping. With some struggling I was able to get it to work in all modes. I was able to download the software and upload the data from the monitor. I think what helped me out was my nursing background and I am somewhat computer/gadget savvy. Nice product Hopefully the info I get will be able to help my Dr. I did a 48 hour holter monitor with them, but of course I didn't have the symptoms at the time. Caught it on this monitor. Now going to do 3 to 4 week study with my MD.